Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Music concerts to look out for in 2019

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With technological improvements and especially smartphones and unlimited internet facilities, we have many music fans than ever before. On many incidences, music lovers have traveled to different countries to witness concerts and even followed their favorite bands on their tours worldwide. Here are a few lists of concerts to look out for this year.

1. AC/DC

There were a lot of buzzes when people saw the photo of Angus Young and Stevie Young outside a studio in Vancouver. The fans were excited when they heard the band was back to recording a new album. The tour of the band has not been confirmed yet. But there will certainly be a release of a new album. So AC/DC fans can lookout for this one.

2. Adele

Adele’s tour in 2019 seems executable as this comes in line with her planning a new album. However, the artist had said she would not tour again after the 2016 tour due to her homebody nature. But because of her growing popularity and fan following, not going on a tour could be unlikely. Adele has reported finishing her album by December 2019. So you could expect the tour in 2020.

3. BlackPink

BlackPink mainly focused on having concerts in Asia as they announced the world tour in 2019. And this time they will also be coming to the US. The band revealed their tour dates to the US through a teaser on social media. This could be the biggest and all girls K-Pop tour and sensation for the year.

4. BTS

When BTS announced its show in October 2018 at Citi Field, it was recognized as the first K-pop band to book their concert the stadium of United States. The shows performed by BTS were a super hit and there is no doubt the popularity of them is increasing globally. Talks are going on in South Korea about exempting the band members from military services. You could expect another tour of them in North America this year. The tour will cover New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Gear up for them if you are a fan this spring.

There are many other artists and bands like Carrie Underwood, Cher, Dead and Company, Def Lepard and many more who are having their albums released and plans for world tours. There is no better excitement than to see your favorite artists perform live. Look out for them and if you are in the same place as they are or if you love traveling ten a musical concert can be planned to getaway this year.

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